Invest in 3D printing
for digital dentistry!

Zortrax Dental is a European manufacturer of 3D printers, peripherals, and professional software dedicated for dental applications.
The company builds upon the know-how and technology of Zortrax, a global leader in the 3D printing market.

Key advantages of Zortrax Dental include:

  • Precise Zortrax Inkspire 2 Clinical 3D printers working in the UV LCD technology
  • Zortrax Clinical Suite software made for dental applications
  • Dedicated peripheral devices for post-processing of printed models
  • Professional dental resins
  • Full, easily accessible technical support

Zortrax Dental has been founded to tackle the challenges of modern dental market.

15% of adults suffer from severe malocclusion
Up to 75% of populace have orthodontic problems
Over 3 billion USD - forecasted worth of dental services market in Poland
Over 35 thousand USD - average cost of equipment in a small dental lab
60 billion USD - forecasted global dental market worth in 2024
Between 5.9 and 6.6 billion USD - forecasted worth of orthodontic appliances market in 2023

Zortrax Dental business profile

Zortrax Dental builds upon the strategic solutions, manufacturing facilities, and logistics center of Zortrax S.A. which will be key to rapidly grow into one of the global leaders in dental 3D printing market.


3D printing in dental applications

Precise 3D printers made by Zortrax Dental are a real advantage for dental labs.

With 3D printers, it is possible to:

Admit more patients in the same time
Shorten medical procedures
Improve the patient's comfort

Zortrax Dental 3D printers working with dedicated materials provided by well established manufacturers will be used to print:

Diagnostic models

Surgical guides

Occlusal splints

Clear aligners

Temporary crowns and bridges


Advantages of dental 3D printing

A 3D printer is just a part of a wider digital dentistry workflow which includes:

Precise scanners imaging the patient's oral cavity

Digital design process using CAD software

Working with patient-specific diagnostic models

A perfect product for dental professionals

Zortrax Dental RnD team has surveyed multiple dental professionals to identify technological solutions that would meet dental labs' requirements in the 3D printing field.

192 x 120 x 280mm
Work space
385-405 nm
8.9’ 4K

Key features of the perfect product

Printing quality
Printing resolution at 50 microns or lower
Speed of printing
which boost the dental lab's capacity
Results repeatability
which ensures consistent top quality
Remote management
to control the printers through cloud service
Ease of use
enabling swift implementation
Availability of materials
Wide range of biocompatible materials for various printing applications